Jing Chao’s Medical Examiner Dr. Qin releases teaser

Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: The Survivor 法医秦明之幸存者 stars Jing Chao as the titular examiner, Liu Haikuan (Rule the World) as detective Lin Tao, Deng Yang as a leading trace detective and Yu Xintian (The Great Wall) as assistant examiner Chen Shiyu.

On another note, the official sequel to Zhang Ruoyun’s Dr. Qin will air 2 episodes every Thursday on Sohu beginning tonight.

Directed by Zhou Linhao (Death Notify, Ice Fantasy Destiny) and written by original author and real-life medical examiner Qin Ming, the Tencent-produced web drama is aiming for a Summer premiere.

2 thoughts on “Jing Chao’s Medical Examiner Dr. Qin releases teaser

  1. It looks a little grittier than the first season — not a bad thing — though the more jocular tone of the first had its charms (and offset the really bad autopsy/remains effects). I’ll just think of it as a new story entirely where the characters just happen to have similar names and jobs.

  2. Thank you. Looks promising so far. Writers who have real-life jobs often write more interesting material than certain female authors who mostly write about oppressive dysfunctional dog-blood family members blocking the joy of Mary Sues’ road to eternal bliss. Fortunately Mary has her syrupy sweet, handsome CEO to come solve all her problems and can’t wait to spend his whole life go shopping at Prada with our special Mary.
    Good to see other female authors go beyond the standard cliches.

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