New drama trailers round-up

Legend of Fuyao – airs June 18th

We Must All Be Fine – Liu Tao, Yang Shuo, Jin Chen [Trailer]
Also known as We’re All Going to be Good / Hope all is Well With Us – this drama changes English titles every time new material is released.

My Story For You – Luo Jin, Zheng Shuang [Trailer]
Theme song: My Dreams by Jane Zhang (it was also used in Huawei ads)
2 eps released every Mon-Wed on iQiyi from June 18th. Members access all episodes immediately

Ten Years Late – Shawn Dou, Nazha [Trailer]

The Years You Were Late – Huang Xiaoming, Yin Tao, Qin Hailu [Trailer]

Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 – Jia Nailiang, Ivy Chen [Trailer]
*About the evolution of a popular idol actor and his return to the spotlight after an accident.

God of Lost Fantasy – Sheng Yilun, Wang Ziwen [Trailer]

Martial Universe – Yang Yang, Zhang Tian’ai, Wang Likun [Romance Trailer]

Legend of Yun Xi – Ju Jingyi, Zhang Zhehan, Merxat [Teaser]

Sea of Sand – Wu Lei, Qin Hao, Yang Rong, Zhang Meng [Trailer]

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  1. Legend of Yun Xi looks like a lot of fun. The trailer for Sea of Sand looks like a car commercial, a very cinematic car commercial. Hope they’ll put out more teasers.

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