Promo Round-up: Lost in 1949

In Lost in 1949 (Lost in Love), Chen Kun plays a street smart wastrel who tries to escort his twin brother, a key person to the Communists’ secret plan, safely out of Shanghai. Wan Qian plays a rookie agent who befriends the brothers – it’s also her second time getting involved with twins after Secret of the Three Kingdoms.

The 47 episode drama begins airing tonight.

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Theme song: Don’t Worry About Me by Victor Wong & A-Bin

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3 thoughts on “Promo Round-up: Lost in 1949

  1. So excited for this <3 Love Wan Qian and Chen Kun. Sad that Wang Yaoqing only has a cameo, though. He and Wan Qian had amazing chemistry in their previous drama together.

  2. I hope this one gets subbed somewhere! Wan Qian was amazing in Tribes & Empires and Secrets of the Three Kingdom. I haven’t watched Chen Kun’s work before but he also looks promising.

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