Liu Yifei by Liu Zongyuan


Liu Yifei is a performer of all types – ballerina, acrobat, singer, and guitar player  –  for this photoshoot by Liu Zongyan (who did her awesome modern Wuxia and  Mulan-like photoshoots).    She has recently finished filming Nanyan Studio with Jing Boran and has been training in New Zealand for the live-action Mulan (if you don’t read the comments, the male lead has been cast and I’ve given up my last sliver of hope this movie knows what it’s doing).

Video here, ignore the subtitles.

2 thoughts on “Liu Yifei by Liu Zongyuan

  1. Her fanbase got her this part.I am excited for Mulan but then sometimes after seeing the casting. Will it be whitewashed? Can’t a cartoon adaptation show a lovestory and heroism? Hopefully Mulan does that.

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