Sinology Sunday: Traditional Chinese Cosmetics by Li Ziqi

Vlogger Li Ziqi uses traditional Chinese methods to make food, clothes, furniture, and cosmetics.

If you’ve ever wondered how those  pieces of paper used as lipstick in ancient drama works, here’s a video demonstration by Weibo star and vlogger Li Ziqi.   Li Ziqi is famous for using traditional methods to make mostly food, but she also occasionally does other videos like making traditional Chinese cloth shoes, paper, and even a swing. She recently signed a deal with the Forbidden Palace Museum for her own line of traditional snacks.

5 thoughts on “Sinology Sunday: Traditional Chinese Cosmetics by Li Ziqi

  1. Thank you! Very interesting. Were the ingredients and steps to make the cosmetics written in the ancient documents? Didn’t realize that olive oil was already familiar in ancient China.

    • There are many recipes recorded from different periods, and there’s some mass-produced ones you can buy currently.

      There wasn’t olive oil. You can use basically any type of oil, I think she just picked a common household one. Some fancy ones use flower oils for maximum fragrance.

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