Yang Yang is still the hottest gamer around in The King’s Avatar

Yang Yang looks like he came out of the anime .

Yang Yang looks even better than he did as a gamer in O2O in these first footages released of him filming The King’s Avatar 全职高手.

5 thoughts on “Yang Yang is still the hottest gamer around in The King’s Avatar

  1. can’t wait to watch this. I’m fan of the king’s avatar anime and novel and I think yangyang is suitable for yexiu role. I can’t imagine other actor who can play as yexiu other than yangyang

  2. He’s Ye Xiu?! That … doesn’t work for me. But I hope it works for a lot of people because the production looks good! I’m much more attached to Ye Xiu than to that guy in Just One Smile whose name I genuinely don’t recall just now, so I’m a bit unreasonable.

    • yeah, I’m kinda salty that this he’s Ye Xiu. Idk, I don’t see him as having the ability to pull it off, especially since he doesn’t naturally fit the roles so if anyone was to pull it off and not naturally be a fit, they’d have to be a pretty decent actor IMO. I just have higher standards for this because I loved the animation, which made me read the novel, and honestly to date it’s one of my favorite Chinese novels, period. As a non-gamer, it made me really wanna game.

      I also hope they stay true to the source material. I’m really skeptical of this live action mostly because the gaming part is like, 99% of it and much more detailed and technical than it was in Love O2O. Most gaming related dramas tend to treat the gaming part as a fantasy cosplay thing, but for King’s Avatar, it’s as much about the in-game scenes as the techniques and stuff used by the players on the keyboard and mouse and stuff…so idk how they’re going to portray that same feel in spirit at least.

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