Promo Round-up: Love Won’t Wait

Love Won’t Wait 如果, 爱 is a 47 episode melodrama that has amassed all the dog-blood tropes you can think of. Cecilia Cheung plays a woman who gets entangled in a love triangle between a man (Xu Zhixian) who may have partially caused her son’s death, and a controlling ex-husband (Vanness Wu) who seems to have turned over a new leaf.

Apart from Mr. Right, drama ratings this year have been pretty dismal, so Hunan TV is probably counting on this drama to bring all the aunties back to watching TV – only time will tell whether this will become the next Temptation of Going Home

8 thoughts on “Promo Round-up: Love Won’t Wait

  1. The plot is basically taken from weekend Kdrama Happy Home. They took the storyline of Lee Sang-woo and Kim So-Yeon in that drama. Anyone else noticed that?

    • I’ve watched maybe 4 Cecilia Cheung movies. She showcased good performances in Lost in Time and Korean produced/directed Failan.
      Derek Yee was a good director.

        • I just watched LiT and she didn’t ruin it for me. It didn’t make me search for or avoid another C Cheung movie completely after it.
          About in line with Douban and Rotten Tomatoes. Douban had 69% of people rate LiT 4 and 5 stars out of 5 stars. (I would probably give it a 3.8 or 3.9 if I think about it hard. But I don’t bother getting so serious with a film.) So it didn’t seem like she ruined LiT for the majority of the viewers who rated the movie there. The movie got about 3.8 in score on RT. While some movies from well-known directors like Red Cliff got 3.8. Stool Pigeon gets 3.4. Jianyu aka Reign of Assassins gets 3.6. Mad Detective gets 3.5. Tons of them in the 3.something range.

          I didn’t know who CC was. I didn’t touch celeb news at all back then. I just look for movies that are not sloppily made. I try not to be lured by a particular star as much as possible. Sometimes it helps not to watch too many films or dramas with the same actors/actresses.

          Just search for movies and actors you enjoy. Happy watching!

  2. i haven’t seen Cecilia in a while and was caught off guard re how different she looks. I hope she is well.

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