New Meteor Garden releases trailer

Why do these guys all dress so much better in photoshoots than in the show.

The New Meteor Garden series has released a trailer. How does it compare the previous gazillion versions?

7 thoughts on “New Meteor Garden releases trailer

  1. I read on Weibo that there was some controversy over the dubbing… Some fans were angry that the dubbing was done poorly (esp the one for Dao Ming Si), while some blamed the actors, saying that you can’t do a good dubbing when the acting wasn’t great in the first place. What do you guys think?

    • I think it’s both of their faults. The actors clearly were too lazy to dub it themselves so they have no right to complain if it lowered the quality of their character, but also the dubbing is genuinely not that great.

  2. China is making A LOT of remakes these days. I don’t think we need another Meteor Garden though because Dao Ming Si is a really abusive character (a total jerk) before he falls for the girl. There is a lot of eye candy boys in here but I’ll pass because I’ve watched three versions already can’t bear to watch another spoiled Dao Ming Si acting up and being a bully. I didn’t enjoy the main couple’s interactions I liked her friend and his playboy friend’s story more.

  3. It looks really good! I was going to write it off, but it seems like a drama I will watch. I hope they give more of the ending as in what the Lead girl does for a career and their married life.

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