Music Monday: Huang Ling’s Suzhounese tune

Shanghainese  Singer Huang Ling tugs at your heart with a Suzhounese tune .   Her voice is probably the embodiment of the tender, soft sounds of Wu-Yue dialects and I’m fine if she never sang in mandarin again.

2 thoughts on “Music Monday: Huang Ling’s Suzhounese tune

  1. Nice delicate voice. I also favor this video over many others for its melodies.

    Is this in any way similar to a Dui Hua? Sometimes C tea houses in XiAn say they offer a Dui Hua show. I’m not sure that has any melody.

    I was baffled at a couple of the recent music videos. I searched for a melody to hang onto and couldn’t find one. Then I tried searching for a catchy rhythm. After just 30 seconds I got lazy and gave up.
    I did love the A Duo ones.

    I find the more hiphop and rap-like pieces much less heart-tugging. They just don’t dig as deep into me.
    Pre-rap music tended to be more structured so that you could detect some pattern and symmetry. Sometimes it’s comforting when the song returns to a familiar melody or sets of rhythm that you recognize from an earlier song part. So I try to find the “meat” in music videos sometimes. Unfortunately I don’t seem to have enough patience with the modern-sounding ones.

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