Zhang Xueying, River Villages of China

” I know you want to hear stories of bridges over gentle streams, narrow alleys past ancient buildings, but that’s not my home. ”    -Zhang Xueying on her hometown Yiwu

Actress Zhang Xueying, who is the best Xiamo yet in the new Summer’s Desire, did a photoshoot recently in her hometown of Yiwu.  The photoshoot is part of a  series of photos set in four river villages in the Jiangnan region  – Yiwu, Jinxi, Jinhua, and Zhouzhuang.

I was pretty impressed with her interview, which unfortunately consisted mostly of this one quote that whoever wrote the intro clearly ignored.

I know you want to hear stories of bridges over gentle streams, narrow alleys past ancient buildings, but that’s not my home. Yiwu is a very commercial city. Old markets are being torn and new markets are being built everyday. I return whenever I have the chance. Every modern amenity and fun that Beijing has to offer, so does my hometown.







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  1. I was confused by how the last few pics didn’t look like ZXY. Thanks for providing the link to the original article. It also clarified which Yiwu it is. The first Yiwu that came to my mind was the famous Yiwu tea mountain of Yunnan. Jiangnan water towns are nice. Usually the food is pretty good too.

    I’m only lukewarm to Z Xueying’s acting. I like her best in Green Hills, but I prefer Jin Chen in that story. I like Zhang Yunlong and Zhang Yixing’s acting even less. They are not sooo bad but a bit like Tang Yan’s acting level. They also do a lot fluff roles. Like ZYL’s occasional co-star L XiNa

    Among dramas in recent discussions,《假如没有遇见你》looks potentially less formulaic though I’m not fond of the lead actress.

    Moonlight-Valentine is a bit too similar to My Love from Another Planet in premise. I prefer the child actress for V Song than VS herself. The main pro to MoonV is at least it’s not the girl who time-travels or space-travels again. MLFAP itself actually had a pretty ridiculous and contrived premise. But it has witty and entertaining dialogs, good directing, and acting from the lead actress to compensate for the contrived plot.

    With time or space traveling drama, 99% of the time the lead girl has to travel to ancient C so the girl can meet and spend lots of romantic moments with a number of princes. Even the Let’s Shake It that we like used that same formula. I can’t help wonder how come I’m the only one who gets tired of that set up. As was the case with A Step into the Past, whichever (female or male) lead time-travels, s/he is guaranteed a boat load of suitors.

    Must so many elements be so predictable?

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