Like a Flowing River’s Trailer is Perfect

“Freedom to humans is light to the eyes.” – Like a Flowing River

The trailer for Like a Flowing River 大江大河 only covers like the first two episodes of the TV seriesand I’ve already cried at least three times re-watching it.

The book was already nuanced, but the drama per the trailer seems to have elevated the theme.  Wang Kai, Tong Yao, Yang Shuo, Dong Zijian’s acting are perfect, the music poignant, the sets impeccable, and the lighting is Daylight Entertainment’s best yet. 

The trailer opens with the Song siblings (Wang Kai, Tong Yao) running in the fields as they’re given their first whiff of freedom, only to have the door slammed in their face by cruel remnants of the Cultural Revolution. The trailer doesn’t hide the tragedies, the shut doors to the Song sister , but also opens to so much hope to other characters.  From the re-opening of colleges, to the splitting of public land to private ownership, to the rise of new factories, and to the dream of being able to eat meat everyday that will one day come true, the trailer is a short but poignant reminder of how much potential humanity has when finally given the freedom to use their talents. 

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  1. OH YAY! I was waiting for your comments on these. Would you think of subtitling it/explaining the scenes in further for non-Chinese fans? Thanks a ton! :D

    • 0 – 0:13 – Song siblings find out they got into college ;
      0:13 – Song sister reads a newspaper article about opening up colleges
      0:15 – Song brother is reciting the article about opening up colleges, stating that all students should be able to go based on merit, regardless of family background, in front of the local officials. He’s distraught because they won’t let him go because he comes from a bad family.

      The following sequence is basically the Song sister gives up her spot in the hopes he’ll get it, but then he still can’t get the spot because the family ” isn’t communist enough”. Finally he’s approved but she isn’t. Yang Shuo’s character yells at the local official for being backwards and narrow-minded.

      ————————turning point ———————–

      Yang Shuo’s character is taking a vote in the village of whether to privatize public land, the villagers raise their hand one by one.

      Then Song Yunhui gets that letter of acceptance into a college.

      Cut to the Song siblings going to college, where she says “Freedom is to humans what light is to the eyes.”

      Yang Shuo’s character says he wants to make his family prosper as the scene shows farmers finally working on land they own.

      Dong Zijian’s character talks about dreaming of a day where he can eat fish and meat everyday.

      Shot of the factory Song Yunhui works at.

      Song sister + Yang Shuo wedding

      Song Yunhui enters a college classroom for the first time, inhales with joy

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