“The most beautiful encounter in the world, is meeting another me.”      –  Soul Mate/Another Me

Award-winning film Soul Mate 七月与安生 is being made into a drama called Another Me, starring young actress Shen Yue, Chen Duling, and Xiong Ziqi.  The drama follows the story of two girls seemingly destined to be together forever as they grow up, apart, and then recall the stories of their youth.  Trailer below:


Poster cr: @ 元气少女沈月 

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2 thoughts on ““Soul Mate” is Being Adaptation Into a Series”

  1. I love the movie, I think both Sandra and Dongyu deserved their Golden Horse awards. Having said this, I will definitely compare the drama to the movie. Also for the amusing fact that Chen Duling plays Sandra’s character — her co-star in The Left Ear (which introduced and made me a fan of Sandra’s).

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