Liu Tao, Yuan Quan lead dramas commemorating 40 years of China’s open-door policy

Two new dramas celebrating the 40th anniversary of China’s open-door policy have started filming, and there’s another handful ready to air (titles below). I’d say at least half of the shows are aiming for a Flying Apsaras award, which has a separate category for dramas relating to significant historical events.

  1. Face the Sea 面向大海
    Cast: Liu Tao & Wang Lei (their drama Puzzle still needs to lock in an air date)
    Screenwriter: Wen Haojie (An Ordinary World)
    From the newly released trailer, it seems like the drama will focus on the mass migration of Shenzhen villagers to Hong Kong after the Cultural Revolution, who then return to their hometown as successful entrepreneurs and begin to build a new economic hub.

  2. Entering a New Era 风再起时
    Cast: Lu Yi, Yuan Quan
    Screenwriter: Zhang Qiang (My 1997)
    Lu Yi (In the Name of the People) plays an army officer who responds to the new policies, and changes careers to become an entrepreneur. Yuan Quan (First Half of My Life) costars as his wife.

Upcoming dramas that are also honouring 40 years of economic reform:

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