Promo Round-up: The Way We Were

Starring Tang Yan and Luo Jin, The Way We Were focuses on Chinese students studying abroad at Stanford, and the struggles they face in a foreign environment.

There’s also an anti-corruption subplot, as the male lead’s father, played by veteran Wang Zhiwen, is a shady politician who engages in criminal activity with a corrupt businessman (Zhang Xilin). The heroine’s father successfully brings him to court, and the heroine is summoned as a key witness. The 50 episode drama begins airing tonight.

Theme song: Not Forgetting For A Moment by Tian Yuan


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  1. Tiffany tang I’m your number 1 fan here in the Philippines,, your acting is Amazing, all your movie and drama I watch it,,,keep up your acting is amazing,,,, you are very professional actress,,,god bless you,,,more drama and movie to come

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