Huang Jingyu takes on leading role in upcoming crime drama

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Based on true events, The ThunderOperation Ice Breaker 破冰行动 stars Huang Jingyu (His Excellency’s First Love) as an anti-narcotics police officer, and veteran actors Wu Gang (In the Name of the People), Wang Jinsong (The Advisors Alliance), Simon Yam (Operation Red Sea), and Zhang Xilin (Game of Hunting) round out the main cast.

Powerful drug lord Liu Haoyu has made an illicit deal with county-level government official Lin Yaodong (Wang Jinsong) and local police deputy Ma Yunbo (Zhang Xilin), and earned generous amounts of profit from his drug exportation business.

Li Fei (Huang Jingyu) is the leader of the county’s anti-narcotics unit, and accidentally discovers that a quiet rural village is actually a hub for criminal activity. Li Fei decides to investigate the matter further despite warnings from his corrupt superiors, though is fully supported by his adopted father Li Weimin (Wu Gang), deputy chief of the provincial police department.

Simon Yam costars as Zhao Jialiang, Li Fei’s biological father and an undercover police officer who had infiltrated the drug cartel three years earlier. New actress Li Mozhi plays female lead Chen Ke, a nurse from the local hospital.

Written by Chen Yuxin (Conquer 征服, Big Case on the Mekong River), the 48 episode drama is endorsed by the Ministry of Public Security, and will be premiering on CCTV-1 and streaming site iQiyi sometime next year.

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  1. It’s as if Huang Jingyu is trying his very best to shake off his BL start by taking on roles that are in deep macho territory. Despite the strong cast, I have zero interest in this drama.

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