Love Letter writer’s new film confirms Zhou Xun, Zhang Zifeng as leads

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Zhou Xun (Our Time Will Come) stars as the main protagonist in upcoming romance film Last Letter 你好, 之华, and she’ll be joined by teen actresses Zhang Zifeng (A Love For Separation) and Deng Enxi (The Devotion of Suspect X). Qin Hao (Legend of the Demon Cat) and Du Jiang (Operation Red Sea) have also been cast in unspecified roles.

Yuan Zhilan (Zhou Xun) attends a class reunion in place of her sister Yuan Zhihua, who recently passed away. While there, she reunites with high school sweetheart Yin Chuan, and Yuan Zhihua’s story slowly unfolds as they communicate through letter writing. Zhang Zifeng and Deng Enxi will be playing the sisters in their youth.

Screenwriter and director Shunji Iwai has stated that this is an original story written specifically for the Chinese audience, and any similarities to his classic film Love Letter are unintentional.

Last Letter has been filming for a few months already, and is supervised by producer-director Peter Chan, whose credits include the classic romance film Comrades: Almost a Love Story, Perhaps Love (also starring Zhou Xun), American Dreams in China and Dearest.


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