Promo Round-up: Summer’s Desire

Given how much music is a part of the story, they should’ve done a musical adaptation for creativity bonus points. . 

Half school romance and half the tale of one woman’s climb to the top in the entertainment industry, the third adaptation of Summer’s Desire 泡沫之夏 begins airing  two episodes every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday beginning May 8th.

The series stars Zhang Xueying, Qin Junjie,  Huang Shengchi  and Madina Memet.

Acting career trailer ;Love triangle trailerControlling boyfriend trailer ; Trailer 1 ; Trailer 2 



3 thoughts on “Promo Round-up: Summer’s Desire

  1. Continuing watching this. Zhang Xueying’s character is easily the most likeable (for me) of the leads, but I kind of wish this was just a career drama of Xia Mo. She clearly cares about her career more than she does the male leads, and that line is way more interesting than her romantic plots.

    I didn’t realize it before, but both of the male leads are so reckless in their love, yet neither of them really understand the female lead. Ou Chen really does treat her like his doll. She should just become rich and powerful enough to dump them both.

  2. Watched first 6 eps. I kind of actually like it? It follows the book very closely, and the fact that the whole cast is young makes it a lot more believable. I also like how the female lead feel more rounded. Like her romance doesn’t even rank top three in her priorities.

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