Fantasy romance drama Records of Nanyan Studio (Southern Mist House) stars Liu Yifei (Hanson and the Beast) as Lu Mansheng, a woman who listens to other people’s love stories, and use her scents to give her clients a happy ending in their dreams (aka Republican version of City of Hopeless Love 华胥引)Jing Boran plays her love interest Ye Shen.

Zhao Lixin (Great Expectations) costars as Wei Shen, a seemingly perfect gentleman who is actually a hypocrite. He’ll also have a heartbreaking love story with the main antagonist Yunniang, played by Liu Mintao (Nuts). The two actors gave a great performance in The Sound.

Wei Daxun as surgeon Zhao Xinzhi

Jin Hao as military officer Yuan Shichen

Zhang Hanyun as Dai Wanqing, a young woman who learns martial arts from Ye Shen

Gorgeous shots of the Nanyan Studio, shrouded in mist (behind the scenes):

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