Promo Round-up: Here to Heart

Here to Heart stars Zhang Han and Janine Chang as lovers who can’t forget about each other even after seven years apart. The trailer tells us that Wen Nuan feels partly responsible for her and Nanxian’s father’s death, which prompts her to break up with Zhan Nanxian (again).

Mix in a meddling future mother-in-law, an older sister/love rival (Zhou Qiqi) and an interfering second female lead (Zhang Jiani), and you’ve got yourself a 46 episode melodrama. Here to Heart premieres tomorrow night.

Promotional theme song: Miserable Warmth by Hebe Tien
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1 thought on “Promo Round-up: Here to Heart

  1. So. I had to find this post so I can post! The OTPness for these two in this drama is off the charts. I watched two episodes and am saving the rest so I can marathon. The acting is… so I am a fan of Janine but didn’t think she was an actress but more of a pretty face who doesn’t annoy me. Then I saw this drama. Between these two, the feels. Now, he may have me back after SOP (didn’t think much of the other dramas) as these two really do act with their eyes in this drama. I am bummed they made the female second and the mom evil, but I’ll keep going for now as I am enjoying the daily Weibo posts and trailers for each episode. Anyone else watching this?

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