Review: A Familiar Recipe Makes Happiness Chocolate Sweet Enough

Akin to a Hershey’s bar, Happiness Chocolate follows a familiar but still sweet formula for this drama drought season.

As a semi-Fu Xinbo stan, I must admit this is  the only drama of his I’ve managed to half-way finish. The currently airing Happiness Chocolate 幸福巧克力 was a surprising fit for this drama drought. It’s far from revolutionary, but the leads are cute enough that it fits well in the category of established idol dramas full of chocolaty sweetness.

Happiness Chocolate  is your standard idol drama featuring a happy-go-lucky poor girl and a  rebellious rich boy (but super friendly instead of obnoxious).  The story plays on a little twist in that at one point, no one liked the poor rich male lead.


Heir Xu Tianlei (Fu Xinbo) falls in love with heiress Ruan Yuying(Dai Yanni) at first sight and  follows her to a ski resort to try and win her heart, but she quickly falls for the hotel manager Li Yunzheng (Lei Wu) instead. Meanwhile, Li Yunzheng has already fallen for Zhong Kuankuan (Xin Zhilei), who was working at the resort as a maid. A series of events all bring them back to China. Xu Tianle helps Zhong Kuankuan with a place to live, and asks her to be his date for the parents at a ball. The two became quick friends as they start helping each other regularly, and Zhong Kuankuan quickly falls for the warm Xu Tianle. How will the love square be resolved? You probably already know.

This is my first drama with Xin Zhilin and she’s quite cute.  She and Fu Xinbo start off rocky but have great chemistry as the leads become friends and then lovers. Fu Xinbo has never been a great actor, but you can tell he’s improved quite a bit, and  the chemistry between the leads make it work.  If you can get over the over-exposed lighting and over-saturation, then the drama is pretty easy on the eyes.

3 thoughts on “Review: A Familiar Recipe Makes Happiness Chocolate Sweet Enough

  1. Really? I think Fu xingbo is such a good actor. He played so many multiple personalities in The Journey I was very blown away. He’s very baby face but his mean and dictating attempt to be Qin shi huang was really addicting, so sad those parts were way too short. Then he act as a dumb slash, nice guy (it was funny how his magic gets better and better than the girl). Then he act as a skillful monster catcher, and then martial art guy, then back to a boring shi fu, and lastly evil guy. The girl left him every life time it was very heart breakening each every time he saw her leave.
    It was touchingly sad for Ma Ke character too, he is a vampire and doesn’t die so each and every time she leaves then he waits thousands of years in order to see her again. I’m sad the drama didn’t get much attention, the main actress is very cute.

    • I have to admit I did not watch more than one episode of that. I’ve heard good things about it, though, but was not a fan of Ma Ke.
      I thought he was pretty solid in his drama with Ying’er, though.

      • You should give it another chance! I got to admit when I first saw it, it was pretty dumb at the beginning too. Most of the time when the girl is in modern days the scenes are not the best but they would go away fast and focus on ancient land again. Some scenes are a bit annoying and weird when it comes to her with her senior brother, but sometimes they are cute too.
        I did not even like Ma Ke in The Journey of Flower, I don’t understand why he needed so much make up. The make up continue to annoy me again in The Journey but as the story progress his character gets adorably protective.

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