Second trailer and more stills for The Story of Minglan

The Story of Minglan has released an official trailer that gives us more insight into the schemes that concubines engage in in the inner courtyard so that their daughters can secure good marriages. Sheng Minglan (Zhao Liying) has a happy ending with Gu Tingye (Feng Shaofeng), while Qi Heng (Zhu Yilong) is the classic second male lead who doesn’t get the girl. [Extended Synopsis]

Has anyone counted how many times Daylight Ent has used Nirvana in Fire instrumentals as trailer music?

The 78 episode drama is scheduled for a late 2018/2019 premiere on Hunan TV.

6 thoughts on “Second trailer and more stills for The Story of Minglan

    • OMG we have the exact same thought!!! Totally the same feel as Dream of Red Chamber, but more vibes from the lame 2010 version though.

  1. Oh the music does distract a lot! Even if its not a Nirvana music it is too soothing that when you see people playing around so it looks so wrong. Cum on, people playing and jumping when the music is sad? It should be jumpy lol! Why do the people look so action less? I think it’s that music… And when the people are playing angry, the calm soothing music again…haha.LOL it’s like the music is telling them I know you’re angry but you need to calm down. I think a loud thundering music on that would justify a bit more. Seems like they just spent 5 min creating this trailer. It makes everyone look like very mediocre actors. The last part, she was praying with the sooth music but she look a little awkward and not serene enough, I think it’s the voice it would be better if she can be voice over.

  2. The NIF bgm is very distracting, I love the music but it feels strange to see it used for another drama. Also, don’t tell me this is a sign it won’t have its original ost….
    And, I’m feeling the classic 2nd lead syndrome already. Hope he has enough romantic moments with ZLY to even things out

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