Thankful for the Remaining Years / Qing Yu Nian Season 1, also known as Joy of Life, has released stills of the leading cast members. Fan Xian’s (Zhang Ruoyun) growth arc will stretch across the entire show, as he learns valuable skills from Chen Pingping (Wu Gang), head of the kingdom’s investigative agency.

Fan Xian gets embroiled in murder mysteries and strange cases in the pugilist world (jianghu), and ultimately makes his way into the political scene, where he decides to challenge the Emperor (Chen Daoming) and the feudal system he represents.

Character introductions | Extended synopsis

The drama will reportedly be split into three seasons, and the first season, which is already halfway done with filming, will run for 52 episodes.

Li Qin as Fan Xian’s love interest

Song Yi as Fan Xian’s sister

Li Xiaoran as the ambitious Grand Princess

Tong Mengshi as Wu Zhu, one of the four grand masters

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  1. I’m excited for this especially Li Qin but 3 seasons of 50 episodes each is excessively long. The plot & acting would have to be groundbreaking and stellar to sustain interest. I also hope there won’t be year long breaks between each season if they’re going for this format.

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