Zhou Dongyu, Jing Boran learn to love in Us and Them

Rene Liu’s directorial debut Us and Them 后来的我们 stars Zhou Dongyu (Thousand Faces of Dunjia) and Jing Boran (Monster Hunt 2)  as two strangers who fall in love after meeting on the train when travelling back to their hometowns during the Spring Festival holidays.

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Here, After, Us by Mayday (remix of their 2015 song)
A Friend I’ve Loved For So Long by Hebe Tien
Us by Eason Chan

Things turn sour after the leads are slapped in the face by the harsh reality of life in the big cities. They can’t seem to forget about each other after separating, and when they meet again three years later, Jing Boran poses the question: “Would things have been different if you hadn’t left?”

The film is scheduled for an April 28th release.

There’s a reason why the Spring Festival period is called the world’s biggest annual human migration:

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