Gulnazar, Yang Shuo, Xu Zhengxi gorgeous in Jane Zhang OP

The opening credits for Return the World to You 归还世界给你 is quite gorgeous in every way. Jane Zhang ‘s theme song is probably one of her most contemporary theme  recently, while the cinematography makes it look more like a beautifully executed MV.

The series stars Yang Shuo, Gulnazar, Xu Zhengxi, and Wang Dong.

5 thoughts on “Gulnazar, Yang Shuo, Xu Zhengxi gorgeous in Jane Zhang OP

  1. That was such a gorgeous MV and Jane Zhang just dew you in. Why are they not releasing this drama? It’s been a year already. Waiting patiently.

    • maybe this drama have a high sencorship…it is a nightmare for producer if their drama is not going to air…but their marketing team seem like working so hard in order to makesure this drama are going to air because maybe production company already spend a lot of budget into this drama

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