Collection of new teasers for upcoming 2018/2019 dramas

Streaming site Youku recently held a press conference to promote a slew of upcoming dramas, most of which will air on the platform and TV stations this year. Links to new teasers and extended synopses (if any) are included.

Which shows are you looking forward to watching?

Historical dramas

Republican / Period dramas

  • Autumn Cicada 秋蝉 [Teaser] – Ren Jialun, Li Man, He Dujuan, Wang Jinsong
  • Eagles and Youngster 天坑鹰猎 [Teaser] – Wang Junkai, Wen Qi, Jiang Yiyi
  • Eighteen Springs 半生缘 – Carina Lau, Jiang Xin, Joe Cheng

Modern dramas

7 thoughts on “Collection of new teasers for upcoming 2018/2019 dramas

  1. Thank you for putting out the list. It’s easier to review them near the same time!
    Not sure which are the better quality productions, but I hope 九州缥缈录 will be watchable.

    Intrigued but have my doubts:
    原来你还在这里 Hope the drama will not have annoying, horrible parents. That may be a risk factor with the given plot? The cast for the younger actors seems very good. Don’t know anything about their cast for middle-aged or older actors.
    知否知否应是绿肥红瘦 ZLY FSF dramas from the last few years haven’t been great. NIF2 was draggy for me. Hope this one will be ok.
    天下长安H&R drama productions have some good parts, but they haven’t pulled off a drama that’s good 70-80% of the time yet. From Pinyin of Zhang Hanyu, at first I thought it’s the actress from Song of Phoenix.

    Higher doubt still. May browse if I get really bored lol :
    镇魂: Plot may not make sense. Production quality and CGI use may be dubious?
    幕后之王: Plot revolves around unpleasant characters? Too dog-blood melodramatic?

    Trouble I have with Ming Empress is Qiao Zhenyu and Zhang Yixing. I cannot watch too many hours of them. Plus there are long Empress dramas every year. Can always wait for future year selections.

  2. Am i mistaken or in the trailer of Goodbye My Princess, they spoil the novel’s ending? I hope it will be subbed even if it’s a tragedy

    • I think I see the scene where Gu Jian dies, but if you’re talking about jumping into the River of Forgetfulness, I’m pretty sure that occurs in the middle, when the male lead is still Gu Xiaowu.

  3. New trailers that perked my interest:

    Goodbye My Princess – I’ve never seen neither of the two leads but the trailer is pretty
    In Youth (While We’re Still Young) – Qiao Xin’s eyes finally look awake! I didn’t have high hopes for this but the trailer looks fun and pretty.
    Never Gone: So You Are Still Here – same as before, but it’s pretty so I’ll watch it. Plus the series has a lot of my biases – Yang Zishan/Hu Xianxu/Lan Yingying/Su Qing/Tan JIanci
    Police Tactical Unit – is this a TVB drama? It looks like one but with cleaner production design.
    Didn’t know about it before, but I like both leads and will probably watch.

    Biggest disappointment:
    Peace in Palace, Peace in Chang’an – production value/script/acting is way below my expectations.

    PS A couple of the youku trailer links don’t work for me :*

    • Goodbye My Princess does look good, it has the feel of Feiwo Sicun’s original
      – except I couldn’t even see the leads’ faces clearly (maybe that was the point? )

      PTU is a Youku-EMP production, so yes. I think they filmed in Cantonese as well, and were dubbed over.

      I’m a big fan of period dramas, but Peace in Palace doesn’t have anything that makes me want to watch it (Zhang Hanyu is the biggest under performer). I mean, I’m pretty sure Empress of the Ming will have a mediocre story (what’s with 塞进炮弹里 XD) but I like the leads, and everything and everyone (even Tang Wei with Zhang Shuping’s hideous hair) looks pretty.

      All the clips work for me after refreshing? Youtube vids got taken down too quickly.

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