Concept teaser for Season 2 of Medical Examiner Dr. Qin

Based on the fourth book Scavenger 清道夫popular Sohu-produced web drama Dr. Qin Medical Examiner 法医秦明2: 清道夫 is returning for a second season, and stars Liu Dongqin (I’m Not A Monster) as Qin Ming, Liu Chang (Women in Beijing) as cop-buddy Lin Tao and Yu Shasha (The Imperial Doctress) as Qin Ming’s quirky new assistant Chen Shiyu.

I’m a bit disappointed the original cast couldn’t return, but this teaser looks pretty good.

All the murder cases lead the trio to a mysterious killer known only as the ‘Scavenger’, who specifically targets the wanderers and misfits of the city. Season 2 is scheduled to air some time this year.

Upcoming dramas based on the same novel series (air dates TBC):

  • Voice of the Dead 尸语者 – Luo Yunxi, Jiang Qilin, Zhou Qiqi (LeTV)
  • The Survivor 法医秦明之幸存者 – Jing Chao, Liu Haikuan, Yu Xintian (Tencent/QQ web drama, written by original author Qin Ming)
  • Voice of the Dead 生死语者·秦明 – Yan Yikuan, Geng Le, Daisi

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