Cyberpunk film Dream Breaker trailer

“With hot young actors in a story about adventure, love and digital culture, this is the perfect film for China’s post-1990s generation” – Ivy Zhong, the head of the studio making this who clearly should get a PR person to sell it better.

 According to The Hollywood Reporter, the cyberpunk film by Han Yan, Dream Breaker 破梦游戏, “stars actress Chen Duling as a young woman who must fight her way through a mysterious, holographic game world designed by her late father to avenge his death. ” It co-stars Song Weilong, Tong Dawei, Cao Xiwen, and Archie Gao.

3 thoughts on “Cyberpunk film Dream Breaker trailer

  1. This is the director’s first film; Han Yan 韩琰 is distinct from the Han Yan 韩延 that directed Animal World and Go Away Mr Tumor. Oddly, the project was initially announced under the title “19” 19层 and was apparently another adaptation of Cai Jun’s 19th Level of Hell 地狱的第十九层.

  2. This is more like a sci-fi than a cyberpunk movie. I feel like a lot of Asian movies just add the word cyberpunk but don’t really know the true meaning of it. There are many specific elements need in a storyline in order for it to be considered a cyberpunk.

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