Chun Xia, Zhong Chuxi fight for Dong Zijian’s love in Dude’s Manual

Dude’s Manual 脱单告急 is an upcoming rom-com film starring Dong Zijian as He Xiaoyang, a dorky university student who gets caught up in a love triangle between two popular classmates, played by Zhong Chuxi and Chun Xia.

Misunderstandings arise when students overhear a ‘risqué’ conversation between the Queen bee Guan Xin (Zhong Chuxi) and the wallflower (Dong Zijian). She tries to set records straight by helping He Xiaoyang land a date with someone equally as good as her,  namely campus beauty Li Shushu (Chun Xia), who also happens to be the girl of his dreams. Except Guan Xin ends up falling in love with Xiaoyang as well, and tries to win him back.

Producer Leste Chen’s older rom-coms Love on Credit, Say Yes were pretty fun to watch, and screenwriter Ren Peng (Battle of Memories, 20 Once Again) has a solid track record, so I’m hoping for a hilarious chick flick.

Dude’s Manual premieres on April 20th.

Title on blackboard: “Complete Manual on how to pursue Li Shushu”

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