Beauty Portraits for five rising actresses

Li Qin’s fan-shaped earrings with a hand makes me want to get my ears pierced

Five up-and-rising actresses pose for a  set of  photoshoots with traditional Chinese embroidery for a new take on the traditional Chinese painting style of Beauty Portraits.  The pieces borrowed from the Taizhou Museum of Embroidery isn’t featured that much, but at least the actresses are beautiful.

They are: Li Qin (Princess Agents) , Yang Caiyu (Youth),  Zhong Chuxi ( Youth), Xin Zhilei (Brotherhood of Blades II), and Li Meng (A Better Tomorrow 2018).

Which photos are the best?

Zhong Chuxi painting the Cfensi banner with that sash.

Zhong Chuxi using a Ming-dynasty embroidery piece as a Peking opera-esque headdress

Yang Caiyu in an ad for lipstick, probably.

Yang Caiyu with a Qing-dynasty embroidered peony skirt that is too pretty for us to  see.

Li Meng’s lipstick color. Yes/No?

Li Meng pulling off that yellow telletubies dress like a pro.

I’m watching Xin Zhilei’s new drama, Happiness Chocolate, and she looks so much like Song Hyekyo.

More Xin Zhilei, now using her choker as belt decor.

Li Qin not having anything related to an embroidery, but would pass for a stunning flamenco dancer.

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  1. Li Qin’s shots are the best. I’m seeing her in a new light after White Deer Plain – hopefully 新丽NCM gives her more interesting roles from now on.

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