Promo Round-up: Secret of the Three Kingdoms

In Secret of the Three Kingdoms, Liu Ping (Ma Tianyu) is a secret prince who was raised outside the palace with Sima Yi (Han Dongjun). His twin brother Liu Xie, the last emperor of the Han Dynasty, summons him back to help save the country as the ambitious warlord Cao Cao (Tse Kwanho) begins to amass even more power.

He is helped by empress Fu Shou (Wan Qian) and Sima Yi, though the latter eventually decides to serve Cao Pi (Tan Jianci) to further his own ambitions. The 54 episode drama will air 2 episodes every Tuesday to Thursday on Tencent beginning tonight. 

Theme song: A Young Man’s Aspirations 少年志 by Wang Xiaokun || Character Teasers

Of note: Wan Qian, Dong Jie, and Tan Jianci will all be using their own voices, the most for a Tangren ancient drama.

Dong Jie as Tang Ying, widow of a former emperor who develops romantic affections for Sima Yi

Sunny Wang as Guo Jia, Cao Cao’s trusted advisor

Dong Xuan as famed beauty Diaochan / Ren Hongchang

Tan Jianci as Cao Pi

Tse Kwanho as Cao Cao

Wang Renjun as Xun Yu

Wang Yuwen as Cao Jie, Liu Xie/Liu Ping’s second empress

Wang Xiaomin as Zhen Fu, Cao Pi’s wife

5 thoughts on “Promo Round-up: Secret of the Three Kingdoms

  1. Dramafever announced they have licensed secret of the three kingdom drama, so there will be subs soon!!

  2. The opening two eps were a bit slow, but then it really picks up. The costumes and cinematography is easily Tangren’s best in a long time, if not forever. The way they style the actresses to have their dresses flow just perfectly in every scene is gorgeous.

    The script relies on a bit more jargon than I would’ve liked, but is fast-paced and smart. Sima Yi, Fu Shou, Manchong,
    and Cao Pi are so far all intelligent, fun, and multidimensional characters.

  3. I’ve just finished watching Nirvana In Fire 2 but the fact that everybody there uses their own voices will again, make me apprehensive in approaching a Tangren drama.

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