Promo Round-up: Only Side By Side With You

Only Side By Side With You tells of the love story between a fuerdai who spends her time designing drones (Bai Baihe) and an ex-soldier turned bar owner (William Chan) who is determined to find out the truth behind his expulsion from the army. The extended synopsis can be found here.

I only had eyes for the OTP while reading the original novel, but Qin Hailu’s (White Deer Plain) main antagonist An Ning has had my undivided attention since the release of the first trailer. Can’t blame me when she’s so charismatic. Li Xian (Tientsin Mystic) costars as the meddling second male lead, while Bai Bing (The Legend of Heavenly Tear) plays the heroine’s business partner.

The drama will be subbed on Viki.

4 thoughts on “Promo Round-up: Only Side By Side With You

  1. I watched one ep of this and feel like I was tricked into thinking this would be realistic. The script makes no sense. Why didn’t her friend go with her? Even if her friend had plans, why not change the time and place? Why not ask another employee to go with her?How socially inept is she that her friend jokes she can’t enter a bar by herself? Why, in a high-tech world, would they need cash at a high-end bar? Why would her friend not check up on her all night? What world is this that you would pick a fight with a stranger in a parking lot with lots of rich and well connected people and a ton of security cameras? Does the male lead not have bodyguards in the place he owns?

    • The original novel is far from realistic, and the female lead is the typical high IQ low EQ character – sounds fine on paper, but very awkward when it’s in a live adaption.

      I’ve only been watching highlights featuring Qin Hailu. XD

      • I feel like part of it is because Bai Baihe acts like she wants to be in a realistic drama, but then her character makes totally unrealistic choices.

  2. Wow- only 43 seconds of a trailer later and I’m cheering for the Hailu’s character indeed. She gives off the same amazing, predatory air that Glenn Close did so deliciously in “les liaisons dangereuses” (Is it bad that I now ship the antagonist with her victim/protagonist?)

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