Bai Jingting, Sun Yi confirmed for upcoming romance melodrama

Irreplaceable Love 初晨,是我故意忘记你  (lit. Chuchen, I Forgot About You on Purpose) stars Bai Jingting (Rush to the Dead Summer) as Li Luoshu, an orphan who was kicked out by his grandmother after the death of his parents. Sun Yi (Siege in Fog) costars as Li Chuyao, the warmhearted young girl who lives across the street from him.

After the heroine loses her younger brother Chuchen to an accident, Li Luoshu takes his place in the Li household after the Chuchen’s mentally unstable mother mistakes Luoshu for her son. Years pass, and Luoshu develops romantic feelings for his ‘older sister’, though decides to keep them hidden after Chuyao falls in love with and gets engaged to Han Zimo (new actor Zhu Jiaqi).

Unfortunately Han Zimo goes on the run after loan sharks come knocking at his door, and Chuyao is left with a mountain of debt. Luoshu is gravely injured while trying to protect her, and Chuyao eventually realises who she truly loves. They promise to spend the rest of their lives together, yet are soon forced apart by reality.

The original author Zi Yue also wrote fauxcest romantic melo Sweet Sixteen, while director Lin Ke is best known for A Unique Militiaman. The 40 episode melodrama began filming today.


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