Han Geng, Wang Xiaochen cast in drama remake of Ex-Files

Han Geng is in the midst of a career resurgence after the commercial success of Ex-Files 3: The Return of the Exes, and now he’ll be starring in the drama adaption, titled Love Me, Do You Dare? 爱我 你敢吗?

Wang Xiaochen (My P.E. Teacher) plays Jiang Xiaoxi, the scorned bride-to-be who is left at the aisle alone after Chen Jiong (Han Geng) suffers from a case of gamophobia (fear of marriage). Five years later, Jiang Xiaoxi has found a perfect new boyfriend, and Chen Jiong is in a stable relationship with Xiaoyu, though fate isn’t about to let them run off with the supporting leads.

They reunite on the day Jiang Xiaoxi gets fired from her company, and end up as frenemies who can’t seem to go one day without arguing. Their bickering friendship turns romantic once again, and this time, they plan to stay together forever.

The 45 episode rom-com is directed by Wang Ying (The Interpreter) and Huo Xin (The Monkey King, Crimes of Passion).

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