Fantasy epic Asura actually looks kind of epic


When you underpay  the costume design team of Game of Thrones and get recycled looks.

Despite sounding like a Games of Thrones fanboy’s expensive money-laundering scheme initially,  the latest trailer for fantasy epic Asura 阿修罗  actually has me sold on watching  Wu Lei and  Daenerys Zhang Yishang falling in love and saving the world.  The CGI is great compared to other recent fantasy films, the music is on point, and the trailer makes it seem like it potentially has a plot. The film is set for a summer 2018 release and co-stars Tony Leung and Carina Lau as the antagonists.

2 thoughts on “Fantasy epic Asura actually looks kind of epic

  1. this looks so cool omgg cant wait to watch this!! I hope this film will be successful or at least reach breakeven point because it uses a lot of money or else it will be such a waste! i read that this film is second most expensive chinese film after Monster Hunt 2. and Monster Hunt 2 didnt do too well like the first sequel :/

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