The Advisors Alliance cast reunite in The Drug Hunter

Yu Hewei, who portrayed Cao Cao in last year’s popular historical drama The Advisors Alliance is starring in upcoming crime thriller titled The Drug Hunter 猎毒人 as a chemical engineer who successfully infiltrates and busts a drug ring in the Golden Triangle. It begins as a personal revenge mission, yet the hero ultimately transforms into a respected undercover operative.

Actors making special appearances include his most recent costars Wu Xiubo (Sima Yi), Wang Jinsong (who played his dear friend and advisor Xun Yu) and actor-turned-director Xu Zheng (Lost in Thailand).

Zhang Danfeng (Legend of Dugu), Hou Mengsha (Police Beauty and K9 Season 2), Fu Chengpeng (Xuanyuan Sword: Clouds of Han) and Xu Honghao (Peacekeeping Infantry Battalion) will be playing supporting roles.

I’m more excited about the reunion than the drama itself – I honestly don’t have much hope for the story, given that it’s coming from new director Tian Yi (The Heroine of Dragon) and writer Chen Yazhou (Naughty Family).

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