Yu Hewei, who portrayed Cao Cao in last year’s popular historical drama The Advisors Alliance is starring in upcoming crime thriller titled The Drug Hunter 猎毒人 as a chemical engineer who successfully infiltrates and busts a drug ring in the Golden Triangle. It begins as a personal revenge mission, yet the hero ultimately transforms into a respected undercover operative.

Actors making special appearances include his most recent costars Wu Xiubo (Sima Yi), Wang Jinsong (who played his dear friend and advisor Xun Yu) and actor-turned-director Xu Zheng (Lost in Thailand).

Zhang Danfeng (Legend of Dugu), Hou Mengsha (Police Beauty and K9 Season 2), Fu Chengpeng (Xuanyuan Sword: Clouds of Han) and Xu Honghao (Peacekeeping Infantry Battalion) will be playing supporting roles.

I’m more excited about the reunion than the drama itself – I honestly don’t have much hope for the story, given that it’s coming from new director Tian Yi (The Heroine of Dragon) and writer Chen Yazhou (Naughty Family).

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    1. They wrapped up in Thailand, and also filmed in Laos, Myanmar, Yunnan and a set in Jiangsu. They’re reportedly on an 180million budget..

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