Flame’s Daughter males star in modern wuxia shoot

Where is this cyberpunk wuxia film that I’m totally ready for?

Vic Zhou, Zhang Binbin and Liu Ruilin of Flame’s Daughter team up separately pose for a modern wuxia photoshoot.

Harper’s Bazaar is really pounding the revamped wuxia concept recently, having done at least three other shoots in the past six months. After these and Liu Yifei’s shoot, I am even more ready than ever for a cyberpunk wuxia film (no, Jared Leto being creepy shifu in a world with fembots in cheongsam  does not count).

6 thoughts on “Flame’s Daughter males star in modern wuxia shoot

  1. Zhang BinBin and Vic Zhou – we know they look good already. I need more Liu Ruilin (as a grown up actor/role – no wolves, please) in order to make a better decision!

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