First look at new Summer’s Desire drama

The latest adaptation for Summer’s Desire 泡沫之夏, starring Zhang Xueying, Qin Junjie, and Huang Shengchi, has released a trailer. I haven’t seen Huang Shengchi in anything, but both Zhang Xueying and Qin Junjie are solid young actors. If anything, the actors look a lot more their age (middle school to early twenties) than the previous two versions.

5 thoughts on “First look at new Summer’s Desire drama

  1. I don’t understand how they choose which dramas to re-make…I didn’t think the original was that great….??

    • I wonder if that’s one of the reason? The first adaptation’s cast was clearly all too old, so it’s easy to defend this one against the old one.
      Fans of old: “Your version looks like there’s no lighting budget”
      Fans of new: “Yeah, but at least our cast looks their age.”
      Fans of old: “Your script is weird”
      Fans of new: “Yeah, but at least our cast looks their age.”

  2. I dunno… it seems a little unbaked… the actors are just a little, um, bland looking, the acting doesn’t impress, and the wardrobes and sets a little “meh” too. But maybe that’s because, Peter Ho, Barbie Hsu, and Huang Xiomin brought some serious sexual tension and chemistry to their love triangle in the original — an advantage to having the story skew slightly older. And the original 3 are far from bland looking!

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