Yang Mi, Ethan Ruan’s Legend of Fuyao releases first trailer

Here’s our first look at upcoming fantasy romance drama Legend of Fuyao, which revolves around Yang Mi’s (Brotherhood of Blades II) exciting yet dangerous adventures as she travels across the five kingdoms.

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Ethan Ruan (Candle in the Tomb – Weasel Grave) plays the crown prince of Wuji City and Meng Fuyao’s true love. Her other suitors include Tiansha Kingdom prince Zhan Beiye (Gao Weiguang), physician and secret assassin Zong Yue (Lai Yi), first love Yan Jingchen (Huang Youming) and Yun Hen (Liang Zemu). Zhang Yaqin plays a princess of the Fufeng Kingdom who has a one-sided love for Zhan Beiye, while Hu Ke costars as the grand princess of the Taiyuan Kingdom.

Liu Yijun (Lost Love in Times) plays the cunning state preceptor of Taiyuan Kingdom, while Wang Jinsong (The Advisors Alliance) plays Zhangsun Jiong, powerful ruler of the lands who believes Fuyao isn’t good enough for Wuji.

Screenwriter Jie Yanyan did pretty well with Bao Jianfeng and Guo Zhenni’s side story in City of Hopeless Love, so I’m hoping for the same level of writing in this drama. The 60 episode drama is probably going to air sometime this year – depending on when the government decides to lift the unofficial ban on prime time period dramas.

8 thoughts on “Yang Mi, Ethan Ruan’s Legend of Fuyao releases first trailer

    • It’s produced by Linmon Pictures, which is an independent production company, but Yang Mi probably has enough leverage to negotiate a package deal and promote her own actors (and who knows – Jaywalk might be an investor).

    • Except all the big budget ancient dramas with well known cast members would rather wait for a daily slot than air as weekly dramas, because the former is far more profitable.

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