Aduo reborn in new album

Probably going for the Miao Beyoncé look.

Singer Aduo combines Miao and Hunanese elements with Western fashion, music, and modern dance in the eponymous MV for her stunning new album, Reborn.

3 thoughts on “Aduo reborn in new album

  1. Bravo for the bold, unique and vibrant sounds. Some of the songs in her album have that peaceful countryside feel. They are a very pleasant diversion for city dwellers.
    Other than farming and drumming arts mentioned in the source, did she have other official musical training beyond what ethnic Miao learns from typical Miao folk culture sphere? Idle curiosity.

    • She’s mixed Miao, Tujia, and Han (source). I had to look this up because she’s listed as Tujia so I had assumed the song was Tujia-influenced (especially since her last MV was Tujia-influenced). but all the promo about this album says it’s Miao-influenced.

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