Barbie releases Guan Xiaotong doll

The next time people tell you Chinese people are short, you can show them this to-scale photo.

As a part of International Women’s Day, Mattel released 17 dolls of prominent (young) women around the world.  In China, volleyball player Hui Ruoqi, dancer Tan Yuanyuan (inconsistency in translation is so annoying), and  Actress Guan Xiaotong were the ones chosen.  It appears they’re not currently out for sell yet, but maybe you can buy one in the future.    I’ll probably pass on this one, but I’m so ready for all the merch  for the live-action Mulan (if it ever gets made).

6 thoughts on “Barbie releases Guan Xiaotong doll

    • She’s very famous in China, she’s known as Nation’s daughter and plus she has done very well for herself

  1. genuinely curious, why Guan Xiaotong is chosen out of all actresses? what significant contribution or achievement has she made? i don’t really remember her impact in anything like has she been well-known for good acting performance…? anyway, the barbie doll dont look like her at all lol, i dont really see Chinese face there

    • That was kind of my gut reaction, but I guess why not her? Getting a Barbie doll is not really any different than being a spokesperson for a cosmetics or laundry detergent brand. They wanted a famous Chinese actress to sell dolls, and she’s definitely famous enough to generate buzz.

      Here’s mattel’s description for her,

      Xiaotong Guan is a Chinese actress. She is known for her roles in the films Nuan, The Promise, and The Left Ear as well as the television series, To Be a Better Man. Known in China as the “Nation’s Daughter,” Guan is regarded as one of the “Four Dan actresses of the post-‘90s Generation.” She was born into a family of actors in Beijing. From an early age, her family encouraged a passion for the arts, and she first starred in Nuan at the age of four.

      In 2016, Guan was admitted into the Beijing Film Academy after placing first in both the practical and written sections of the Chinese College Entrance Examinations. In 2017, she became the ambassador for “World Life Day,” a joint campaign by the United Nations Environment Programme, International Fund for Animal Welfare, and The Nature Conservancy.

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