Jin Dong, Jiang Xin to lead upcoming modern drama If We Could Turn Back Time

If We Could Turn Back Time 如果岁月可回头 (lit.) stars Mr. Right actors Jin DongLi Zonghan and Li Naiwen as three strangers who end up going on a healing journey together after their marriages fall apart. Jiang Xin (Miss. Puff) plays Jiang Xiaomei, a tour guide and bar owner who befriends all three of them.

The leads reflect on their marriage, friendships and career choices, and eventually choose to move forward with the lessons they’ve learned. Zuo Xiaoqing (My Bittersweet Taiwan), Zhao Ziqi (In the Name of the People) and Fu Jing (Undercover) are confirmed as supporting leads, though no information has been released about their characters.

Director and screenwriter Zhang Jiandong (Don’t Respond to Strangers, Beneath the Shadowless Lamps) is no stranger to exploring social issues, so I’m sure we’re in good hands.

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