First stills for Zhao Liying’s The Story of Minglan

Zhao Liying (Princess Agents) plays the titular lead in The Story of Minglan, an upcoming female-centric period drama produced by Daylight Entertainment, the company behind popular dramas Nirvana in Fire and Ode to Joy. 

[Extended Synopsis]

The matriarch of the Sheng family (Cao Cuifen) takes Minglan under her wing, and teaches her young granddaughter the ways of the inner courtyard, the only place most noble ladies will ever know. Minglan’s father (Liu Jun) values her half-sisters Molan (Shi Shi) and Rulan (Zhang Jianing) more, though our heroine eventually attracts his attention through her own wit and intelligence.

Minglan’s childhood sweetheart Qi Heng (Zhu Yilong) is the perfect second male lead who has an unrequited love for Minglan, while male lead Gu Tingye (Feng Shaofeng) is a pleasure-seeking noble who has already fathered two children with Manniang (Li Yixiao), a sly woman from the pugilist world who wants to become his principal wife.

Gu Tingye turns over a new leaf after becoming a trusted official of the eighth prince, though Minglan still has to deal with his scheming step-mother and concubine after marrying into his household.

70 episodes is way too long for a Zhang Kaizhou (Ode to Joy 2) directed family drama that focuses on the in-fighting between wives and concubines, though I may pull through for the actors and writers Zeng Lu and Wu Tong, the pair behind the much-lauded Battle of Changsha.


5 thoughts on “First stills for Zhao Liying’s The Story of Minglan

  1. I hope that this is good because this is a really good story and also and also Zhao Liying it’s one of my favorite actresses hopefully the story is not messed up 💜💜💜💜

  2. For anything that is from 50 – 60 episodes, even only 40 episodes, I’m so sure there will be a bunch of crap just to make the story long. 70 – 90 is way too ridiculous. Especially when the story has some sly and overly obsessive women who hates on a heroine who got all the men in the drama falling in love with her.

  3. 70 episodes do seem a bit long unless each epi. becomes interesting and captivating but i’m expecting some episodes to be dragging and I also trust Daylight Entertainment and i’ve enjoyed Battle Of Changsha so I think it will turn out good..I read that it will air in 2019 so we got awhile to wait. The stills look beautiful already.

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