More black and white stills for Zhang Yimou’s period wuxia film Shadow

Shadow is all about opposites – light and dark, yin and yang – and I’m hoping the future teasers will be as stylish as the posters. Deng Chao (The Liquidator) will be playing two characters, and Sun Li (Nothing Gold Can Stay) costars as his wife.

Plot summary:

This is a story about stand-ins. They have existed since ancient times, and are commonly known as ‘shadows’. When there is an assassination, there is a ‘shadow’ who must step forward and be killed in their master’s stead.

The ‘shadow’ must closely resemble his master so others cannot differentiate between the two. The masters are often unduly reticent about their ‘shadows’, and no one has ever gotten close to the truth.

Ultimately, everything boils down to one question: “Do you want to be the master or the ‘shadow’? The human, or the ghost?”


Zheng Kai as a king and Guan Xiaotong (Untouchable Lovers) as his assistant Qingping. Not much information has been released about the roles Wang Qianyuan (Tribes and Empires), Hu Jun (Lord of Shanghai) and Wu Lei (S.M.A.R.T Chase) are playing, though we do know the latter two will be playing father and son.

Shadow is slated for a Summer premiere.

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  1. Elegant photos. I am sure it will be wonderful. Am on episode 60 of Nothing Gold Can Stay. What a beautiful husband and wife team.

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