Pride and Prejudice in Republican China

“I could easily forgive his pride, if he had not mortified mine.” – Pan Zhilin stars as Elizabeth Bennet opposite Xu Zhengxi’s Mr.Darcy.

After Wuthering Heights, another classic of English literature has been adapted into the Republican era. Starring Pan Zhilin as Elizabeth Bennet, Xu Zhengxi as Mr.Darcy, Li Xian as Charles Bingley, and Zhu Zixiao as George Wickham, Pride and Prejudice 翩翩冷少俏佳人 the drama follows the book pretty closely but adds a business line for several leads to stretch it into a 30-episode drama.  The only major change is that George Wickham’s true love is Elizabeth Bennet, although he still keeps romantic plots with both Lydia and Georgina. He still mostly loves himself, though.

I haven’t found a YouTube version yet so your best bet is watching it here on iQiyi since it’s not area-blocked. I wish Netflix, which has brought a couple of Chinese dramas over the years,  would buy this and sub it because I know so many people who would watch every version of Pride and Prejudice (cough, me, cough).  Plus, I bet iQiyi would sell it for cheap.  Feel free to put in a request for Netflix here.





12 thoughts on “Pride and Prejudice in Republican China

    • Unfortunately not :( The series mostly flew under the radar even in China and had almost no promotions. I’ve put in a Netflix request just in case though.

      • Thank you so much! I love the idea of this drama but I don’t know how to speak Chinese. It looks so good!!

  1. Can’t wait to check it out as it is one of my favorite novels. Any info on when non-members can watch episodes 11-15 and when the second season will come out?

  2. I started watching this because of this article! It took a few eps to get into but I’m actually really enjoying it now – mostly because of Pan Zhilin haha. (Though Li Xian appears less than I would like :( ) And I like that they added the business subplots, it makes it feel less like P&P and more like an Asian drama with a P&P-esque structure/a few P&P lines.

    • Yes, me too! It was a bit slow at first and the opening scene was an odd choice IMO. But after a few episodes, I’m really enjoying the chemistry and characters.

      Call me superficial, but I also like that the eldest sister is actually feminine and pretty =P It bothered me so much while watching the Colin Firth version of P&P because I didn’t think the eldest sister was attractive enough for the character!

      • Sad for good actresses who are judged as not pretty enough. The pressure for them to conform to narrow beauty standards leads to the epidemic of plastic faces.

        • Generally I would agree with you. But if the character is described as beautiful then that is a requirement for the role. The same would be a character that is a professional athlete. The actor needs to have the physicality for that role.

          Albeit beauty is subjective, which is why I can only say I did not find Jane attractive in the Colin Firth BBC series so it affected the believability of the character for me.

          It’s the same issue with the second sister in the Legend of Dugu. She’s supposed to be a beauty who is a pro at manipulating men. But I don’t think she’s beautiful or portraying her character well, and that makes her character a joke and that all the men who succumb to her are just idiots.

        • I agree, but I also think she was partially chosen for her beauty. That actress is visually suited for that particular role, in that she’s a beauty closer to the early 19th century ideal than the late 20th century ideal. I thought she was absolutely, and appropriately, gorgeous. I actually don’t like it as much when the beauty standards of the period in which something is filmed are superimposed on the period in which it’s set. It’s still fun, but not as MUCH fun, if you see what I mean.

      • Hahaha yeah the opening scene was so OTT it was hard to take seriously! Also took me a while to get used to mum’s acting xD
        Oldest sister is gorgeous! I thought she was a little stiff at the start but now I think it may just be Jane the character.
        I love that things are all so dramatic! And that characters have the time/space to be fleshed out (e.g. seeing more of Darcy’s relationship with his sister, Jane’s quiet strength, Elizabeth’s good AND bad points).

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