Promo Round-up: The Legend of Dugu

The Legend of Dugu focuses on the Dugu sisters, who each marry into royalty. Our female protagonist is the innocent Dugu Qieluo (Hu Bingqing), who falls in love with and marries the founder of the short-lived Sui Dynasty Yang Jian (Zhang Danfeng).

Her ambitious older sister Dugu Banruo (Ady An) marries the emperor of Northern Zhou (Zou Tingwei), yet has complicated feelings for Yuwen Hu (Xu Zhengxi), the powerful regent of Zhou. Third sister Dugu Mantuo (Li Yixiao) and her husband end up being the biggest winners, as their son Li Yuan would later establish the Tang Dynasty and unify all of China.

I’m looking forward to the Dugu Banruo/Yuwen Hu pairing –  both of them value power above all else, and that’s going to make for the best type of angsty melodrama.

The 55 episode drama will release two episodes on Tencent every Wednesday to Friday beginning tonight.

8 thoughts on “Promo Round-up: The Legend of Dugu

  1. I watched a few eps and I love Ady An’s character. Easily one of the most interesting female leads in a while – ambitious and almost ruthless, but with motivation and some heart. Too bad the antagonist (second sister) so far is comically bad.

  2. I had the good fortune to watch them shooting some scenes while touring Hengdian Movie World in fall of 2016 (I’ve got photos on Flickr if you’re interested) and I’ve been waiting to see the final product. It turns out that some of the cast was also staying at our hotel! I wonder if anyone will be captioning this one — do you know where it will be available online?

    • I’ve never been there myself – did you visit the palaces, halls and gardens that appear in all the dramas? :p

      If the subbing sites haven’t made any announcements by now, I doubt it’ll get picked up.

      • We did! Imagine our glee spotting one familiar set piece after another :-) We spent the better part of 2 days there and only had to pass on two of the set “worlds” – the temple area and the ‘modern’ city – because there was just so much time and SO much ground to cover! Fortunately we had a guide because it’s not set up for non-Chinese speakers (I was the only caucasian there, it seemed and became something of a sightseeing attraction in my own right.) With my eagle eyes I spotted the film crew working on a higher level building and through a combination of long-distance sign language (cough, flirting) got permission to enter the area that was cordoned off. One of the team risked the ire of the director to sneak us close to the action (the power of a blonde flirting, even if one’s 60). Here’s the link to the photos from there: We also went to Shanghai Film Park and spent the day wandering around looking at the various familiar sets and props there. Just this week I started Tientshin Mystic and chortled when I spotted the familiar replica Waibaidu bridge along the canal and the monument park (where Ding Mao is chased). Lots of fun; I recommend you try and go!

  3. didn’t sui dynasty also succeeded unify all china ? thou later weakened, then tang dynasty once again fix it ?

  4. Ohhh so I was mistaken! I thought the series will only focus on Dugu Qieluo like the Joe Chen’s version, but apparently it’s the sisters. That’s much better!

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