Air date update, February 2018


[Updated with new shows: 3rd Feb]

Soul Ferry: The Underworld 灵魂摆渡:黄泉篇 – Feb 1
Featuring: Yu Yi, Yue Lina, He Hua
Details: Web film on iQiyi
Final installment of the Soul Ferry web series, and revolves around the last Meng Po / Lady of Forgetfulness.

Negotiator 谈判官 – Feb 4
Featuring: Yang Mi, Huang Zitao, Dylan Kuo, Mao Linlin
Details: 42 episodes, daily drama on Hunan TV
Two genius negotiators go from bickering friends to lovers to unwilling enemies due to family feuds. Spin-off of The Interpreters.

Blooming Flowers Shall Send Us On Our Way / Memories of Love 一路繁花相送 – Feb 7
Featuring: Wallace Chung, Jiang Shuying, Aaron Yan, Li Sheng, Christopher Lee
Details: ~41 episodes, daily drama on Dragon TV / Jiangsu TV
A pair of first loves rekindle their relationship after a decade apart.

Beauties in the Closet 柜中美人 – Feb 8
Featuring: Vic Chou, Hu Bingqing, Chen Yao, Chen Ruoxuan
Details: 35 episodes, weekly drama on Youku
A weasel spirit and nine-tailed fox spirit attempt to minimise the violence caused by the Emperor’s edicts by trying to charm him with their beauty.

Debut 二分之一美少年 – Feb 8
Featuring: Ye Zicheng, Zhou Sheng
Details: 23 episodes, 5 episodes every Wednesday on Mango TV
Focuses on a group of boys who want to debut as a boy band together. There’s already a variety show / rip off of Produce 101 on the same subject if anyone’s interested (it also features Fan Bingbing’s younger brother).

The Lost Swordship 飘香剑雨 – Feb 8
Featuring: Wu You, Ren Yankai
Details: 38 episodes, 2 eps every Thurs-Fri on iQiyi
Martial artist Yi Feng’s wife is taken hostage in exchange for a powerful sword manual, and he begins a desperate search for his true love with the help of heroine Sun Min. Based on Gu Long’s wuxia novel of the same name.

Once Upon A Time in Taiwan 台湾往事 – Feb 20
Featuring: Zuo Xiaoqing, Liu Yihao
Details: 45 episodes, daily drama on Zhejiang TV
The story of three friends who each do their part to save their country from Japanese invasion.

My Father, My Soldier 我的父亲我的兵 – Feb 26
Featuring: Zhang Yishan, Liu Wei
Details: 49 episodes, daily drama on CCTV-8
Father and son reunite on the battlefield after decades apart, and work together to save their country.

Wonderful Life 美好生活 – Feb 28
Featuring: Zhang Jiayi, Li Xiaoran, Song Dandan
Details: 45 episodes, daily drama on Dragon TV / Beijing TV
The male lead leaves behind a failing business and broken marriage in America, and finds true love after returning back home.

Li Xiaoran in Wonderful Life

3 thoughts on “Air date update, February 2018

  1. I am excited for the Negotiator. I have to admit, I am biased towards Tao, but I am looking forward to their collaboration!

  2. “The Interpreters” went so badly off the rails after about episode 17 that I’m stunned that they would develop a sequel to it. And are we to believe that after brain surgery Yang Mi’s character has made the magical leap from a translator to a negotiator? Pass!

    • This drama is completely unrelated to Interpreter -they’re only borrowing the “xx官" title and the female lead’s star power, but it’s definitely going to be another round of crazy :p

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