Secret of the Three Kingdoms releases opening and second trailer

The popularity of stylish openings has exploded ever since Nirvana in Fire and The Disguiser premiered, and Secret of the Three Kingdoms doesn’t want to get left behind: HD Opening.

The second trailer isn’t as interesting as the first, but gives us more insight into the friendship between the two male leads.

Introduction to the Female Characters | Extended Synopsis

Ma Tianyu plays twins Liu Xie and Liu Ping, and the latter returns to the palace to take his older brother’s role as the last emperor of the Eastern Han Dynasty. History tells us that his attempts to wrest power away from warlord Cao Cao were futile, and his empress Fushou (Wan Qian) is killed in the process.

Han Dongjun plays Sima Yi, a good friend of Liu Ping who later goes to serve the Cao faction, while Tan Jianci, who played Sima Zhao in screenwriter Chang Jiang’s other Three Kingdoms drama The Advisors Alliance, costars as Cao Pi.

There’s been a steady stream of promos for this show, so we’ll probably see the 40 episode historical romance drama on Tencent soon.

Dong Jie as Tang Ying

Sunny Wang as Guo Jia

Dong Xuan as Diao Chan

Tse Kwanho as Cao Cao

Tu Nan as Man Chong

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