Brief introduction to the characters in Thankful for the Remaining Years

Yes! Chen Daoming is back in drama land, and as a main character no less. In Thankful for the Remaining Years / Qing Yu Nian Season 1, he’ll be playing the tyrannical Emperor of the fictional country of Qing (he may be known as Liu Yu in the drama), a martial arts grand master and biological father of our protagonist Fan Xian (Zhang Ruoyun). Extended synopsis can be found here.

Wu Gang (In the Name of the People) plays the ruthless and astute Chen Pingping (my favourite character in the novel), head of the government’s Control Department (investigative agency that monitors other government branches) and a close friend and subordinate to the king before Ye Qingmei’s death.

Chen Pingping had an unrequited love for Fan Xian’s mother Ye Qingmei (Yuan Quan), who was killed by the emperor after he became uneasy about the influence and power she wielded in court. Everything in the novel stems from her death – the character’s importance is comparable to that of the late Empress Chunyuan in Legend of Zhen Huan.

Li Qin plays Lin Wan’er, Fan Xian’s first wife (probably only wife in the drama), while Xin Zhilei plays Haitang Duoduo, the holy sorceress of Northern Qi who has a crush on Fan Xian. The hero’s other female confidantes include Li Chuns Si Lili and Liu Meitong’s Zhan Doudou, the noble consort and female emperor of Northern Qi respectively. Song Yi costars as Fan Xian’s spoiled sister Fan Ruoruo.

Xiao Zhan (boy-band X-Nine) will play Fan Xian’s subordinate Yan Bingyun and new head of the Control Department (*spoiler* after Chen Pingping’s death). Liu Duanduan (Brotherhood of Blades II) plays the second prince, while Tong Mengshi will be playing Wu Zhu, Ye Qingmei’s loyal servant and the ultimate grand master.

With such a solid ensemble cast and screenwriter Wang Juan (Turbulence of the Mu Clan) on board, now there’s absolutely no reason for me not to watch this show. The 50 episode drama is directed by Sun Hao (Bad Guys Must Die), and will commence filming on January 31st.

The hero’s other love interests, played by Xin Zhilei, Li Chun and Liu Meitong

Song Yi as Fan Xian’s sister

Han Meinuo as Ye Ling’er, consort to the second prince and Fan Xian’s loyal disciple

Zhao Ke as Liu Ruyu (possibly an original character)

Yu Rongguang (guest) as Xiao En, a spy working for Northern Qi

Guo Qilin as Fan Siche, Fan Ruoruo’s biological brother

Liu Hua as Fei Jie, Fan Xian’s first teacher and one of the three masters of poison. Also a leading figure in the Control Department.

Tian Yu as Wang Qinian, Fan Xian’s subordinate

Wang Yang as Teng Zijing, later the Fan family’s housekeeper

Yu Xiaowei as Shen Zhong, head of the secret police in Northern Qi

Gao Shuguang as Fan Jian, Fan Xian’s adopted father. He also had a one-sided love for Fan Xian’s mother

Yu Yang as Lin Ruofu, chancellor of Qing and Lin Wan’er’s father

Zhang Haowei as Li Chengqian, Crown Prince of Qing

Li Shen as Gao Da, an orator / lawyer who often argues cases in favour of the aristocrats, much to the disgust of the commoners.

Liu Runnan as Li Hongcheng, son of the Prince of Jing, close friend of the second prince. 

He Ziming as Shangshan Hu


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