First trailer and stills for An Yuexi, Zhu Yilong’s upcoming web drama

Promising you a fleeting and dreamlike life 许你浮生若梦 (literal trans.) is a Republican-era romance drama based on the novel of the same name by Juzi Chen, and stars An Yuexi as an up-and-coming actress and Zhu Yilong as the rich heir of a triad.


Lin Jingyun (An Yuexi) returns to Shanghai from France to find out more about her family history, and an old diary introduces her to the life of a young girl named Tianying (also played by An Yuexi).

Tianying / Lin Ruomeng is an orphan who has worked several odd jobs across various industries. She becomes an assistant on a film set, later progressing to a stunts woman and finally climbs up the ladder to become one of Shanghai’s most popular young actresses. She becomes romantically entangled with Luo Fusheng (Zhu Yilong), a genius businessman and son of triad leader and Xu Xingcheng (Zhu Jianran), a talented scientist.

From the stills, it seems like the leads meet again in modern times, and will have a romance that transcends three lifetimes.

Directed by Gao Han, the 42 episode web drama will air sometime this year.

3 thoughts on “First trailer and stills for An Yuexi, Zhu Yilong’s upcoming web drama

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