Two teasers for Ren Jialun, Tan Songyun’s Beneath the Brocade Robes

The silent film teaser for Beneath the Brocade Robes describes Lu Yi (Ren Jialun) as a shrewd secret police officer / jinyiwei who has formidable martial arts skills. On the other hand, the tomboyish Yuan Jinxia (Tan Songyun) is a poor constable of Liushanmen who is barely capable of protecting herself from bandits.

10 second teaser of the OTP

Seems like the YouTube trailers keep getting taken down, so here it is on Bilibili.

Han Dong costars as Yan Shifan, son of the corrupt official Yan Song, while Ye Qing plays one of the leaders of the Wuan Sect, and is known as little Zhuge Liang (now I feel like rewatching Bubu Jingxin).

The typical opposites attract romance drama can be fun if done right, so hopefully the ‘your boss killed my entire family’ sub plot is resolved within 10 episodes. The 50 episode drama is nearing the end of filming, and will most likely air in 2019.

It’s so cute how the heroine wears her heart on her sleeve.

7 thoughts on “Two teasers for Ren Jialun, Tan Songyun’s Beneath the Brocade Robes

      • I guess maybe I am – I did see a trailer for a drama she’s going to be in (or at least it’s her doppelgänger), so I must have confused the 2 actresses! But thanks, I’ll remember the name :-) to avoid in future.

  1. Will there ever be a day where a drama have Tan Song Yun as the successful career leading lady and Wang Kai or Jin Dong is her apprentice who is trying to pull himself together? You can easily substitute TSY with a long list of actresses and the question remains. It’s sexist that only men can be successful and women can only ride coat tails, look cute or beautiful while bumbling around waiting to be rescued or guided by the superior handsome men. OTJ’s Liu Tao Andi is successful but they had to either match her to an even more successful or brilliant minded man like Zu Feng or a successful man with seemingly a more complete family background Yang Shuo. It almost feels as if the producers, or director may see someone as being a better marriage material if the person has both parents. I’m not sure if being adopted decreases your marriage potential or value in their eyes.
    Yolanda Yuan’s character in 1st Half of My Life is successful but unable to have the man she waited for 10 years. Finally Claudia Wang’s Across the Ocean to See You is Zhu Ya Wen’s competent superior. But alas, the screenwriter has to diverge and plunge the plot into dog blood territory and create this almost irrelevant character that comes out of nowhere 80% into the drama. A somewhat outrageous aunt, who has to be a CEO for reason that we will soon explain, who gets close to thinking that the world will not be able to go on if Wang’s child never meets or gets to know her/his biological dad and other similar ideas. And this aunt’s firm is a grand underwear firm. So she goes around parading weird revealing wardrobe (perhaps to hint at her fantastic lingerie products from her firm?) in her middle age years. I’m not against that. But the drama came out looking increasingly bizarre. The various diversions are just so that this aunt can get a terminal disease so she can then nag and beg her nephew to be the CEO. So now ZYW can have better financial and career qualification than Claudia so their eventual inevitable marriage will finally be ok. Because we all know men have to be better. Am I missing a major memo here or is this aspect of C drama really that ridiculous?
    I have nothing against these actresses, but I do get tired of seeing TSY in yet another bumbling role. While Jin Dong always comes out smelling like roses no matter what he does. It’s often similar regardless of which specific actors/actresses are involved.

    • I don’t disagree with you one bit.

      If you’re looking for something different, here’s a couple of dramas I would recommend:

      SOP Queen – one of my favorite idol dramas and features a level-handed female lead (Joe Chen) who values both love and career equally. Zhang Han’s male lead is rich, but not business-minded.

      Wan Qian-Li Jiahang cut of 我家有喜 (and maybe their upcoming drama Young Army Officer 尉官正年轻). Both feature a ranking officer (Wan Qian) and a younger, somewhat bumbling rookie (Li Jiahang).

      Across the Ocean to See You 漂洋过海来看你 – pretty standard romcom featuring a high-level manager (Wang Likun) vs incompetent but happy-go-lucky worker (Zhu Yawen) who accidentally live next door, except gender flipped

      Guardian of Beauty 守护丽人 – standard Asian drama of rich person’s parent pays a poor but loving person (Zhang Ze) to do their job of teaching their obnoxious rich kid (Li Xiaolu) how to be a normal human being.

      • Thank you for your thoughtful reply. We overlap quite a bit in taste again. No 1 was among my fav too. ZH’s most watchable drama. JC’s subsequent dramas were mostly worse than 1 too. Shanshan Comes To Eat has many fans, but …. enough said.

        I wasn’t aware of number 2. I tried Wan Qian-Zhu Yawen uniform drama. Gave up quickly after skimming through 2 episodes, although I like WQ and ZYW. Li Jiahang reminds me of Surgeons. Bai Baihe is one of the very few 2017 drama leading ladies who is competent at her job and still has a significant love life. Although Jin Dong is often coming up roses in Surgeons, BBH still holds her own. But she, too, was “appropriately a certain amount less brilliant than JD”.

        3 was better before Irene Wan’s character shows up.

        I saw 4 had good rating score on streaming sites, but it may be at the time when I mistakenly started checking out Princess Agent and we all know how that went. I like Li Xiaolu. Worth checking out too.

        Some dramas have wealthy man-poor woman pairing, but it doesn’t feel like they rub that fact in your face as much. Like Remembering Lichuan. But Godfrey Gao is not the most expressive of actors.

        It’s weird how around 700 AD, Empress Wu had Shangguan Wan Er in an essentially Prime Minister position with other female staff in the palace. Sima Yi’s wife was a general among other things in the even more ancient 3 kingdoms period. It is ironic when the ancient dramas come out less sexist than the contemporary ones. It’s a pity by Ming, Qing period, there were women who stayed mostly upstairs in the fancy family mansions spending a lot of their time perfecting their embroidery.

        2017 news did say about 60% of world’s self-made female billionaires hail from C. Interestingly enough, as if following the cue from the dramas, the top C female billionaire is indeed not rivaling Jack Ma’s net worth or fame any time soon. But the high figure of the C female “contingent” is very encouraging.

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